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Mr. Maher Works for Our Children’s Future Success

Why Mr. Steve Maher?

Teacher, administrator, school trustee of Pleasanton for the past 45 years . . . and still providing guidance and direction for our children’s future.

Over 30 years ago, when Mr. Maher was the Donlon Elementary School principal, my son Brian was sent to the office for standing on his chair in class, raising two fingers in the air, as a Cub Scout might do to quiet the disruptive class. Brian loved to learn.

Mr. Maher shared with Brian that distractions in life are a learning tool. Discussing how best to be tolerant, write a question down to later ask his teacher, and develop his own way of thinking taught him leadership qualities. Brian’s love of learning continued to flourish under Mr. Maher’s guidance — never missing a day of school.

Mr. Maher works for our children’s future successes and contributions in life.

Join Sue and I . . . vote Steve Maher for school board.

Pete Miller 
  Pleasanton Weekly, 10/23/20

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